Your time is valuable, as is ours; we are not in the business of sending out resumes.

Our Process

We start by investing the time to understand the specific requirements of your personnel needs, as well as the operations and culture of your business. We won’t submit any applicants who are not competent and experienced, or who are not a good fit for your team.

Our Promise

Our highly skilled consultants take the time-intensive hiring process out of your hands by evaluating, interviewing, and selecting prospective operatives so you don’t have to. We’ll provide you with capable, highly competent candidates who’ll fit in with the culture and philosophy of your firm.


Our Services

Appointed Person

Crane Supervisor


Traffic Marshal

Logistic Manager

General Labourer

    When we submit a candidate for consideration to hiring managers, we have pre-screened and pre-qualified the individual based on their experience and interest in the position as defined by your firm.

    To begin our recruiting process, we must contact with the hiring manager to find out several specifics that are not always mentioned in a published job description. These characteristics include qualities such as personality, attitude, and background, which may or may not correspond to the specified requirements, as well as additional information that might qualify or exclude an applicant from consideration for a certain role.

    Our next step will be to attract folks who are currently working in comparable conditions. They are generally individuals who are not reading job adverts or looking for new work. The vast majority of these people are gainfully employed and content with their current situation. As recruiters, our duty is to present them with enough information about your environment, specific job needs, and other benefits to entice them to investigate your opening as a career-enhancing opportunity.

    Our objective is to operate as an extension of your organisation, assisting you in locating the ideal individual for your specific role. We do this as honestly as possible given the information we have obtained from your company’s hiring managers. The potential candidate is informed about all facets of the role and company. Our joint success is not on getting the candidate a job, but on giving them the opportunity to advance their career with your firm.

    When we have a candidate that is suitable for the position, we will forward their details to you for consideration. The most challenging part of our job begins if you decide to interview this person. We must notify the candidate on the intricacies of the interviewing process, such as who they will be interviewing with (names and titles) and the interview schedule. The candidate will contact us immediately following the interview and provide us with their initial reaction.

    We go to great length to ensure that candidates and companies are a good fit.

    We gathered this information by asking the following questions:

    • In terms of personality, how did you get along with the persons you interviewed with?
    • How was the job described to you?
    • Do you believe you have the necessary talent, skills, and abilities for the job?
    • Can you visualise yourself working there?
    • Did you receive the impression that they would like to hire you and why?
    • With the exception of compensation and perks, did you get all of your questions answered?
    • Is there any reason why, assuming an acceptable offer, you would not accept and begin two weeks after getting a written offer?

    After receiving the candidate’s reply, we’ll contact the hiring manager and relay our findings.  Promptness is very important throughout this stage of the hiring process. If either the candidate or the employer does not answer in a timely manner, the other party in the recruiting process begins to distrust the other party’s interest.  

    Our role as the recruiter during this process is to provide continuing communication between the parties during the time it takes to put the employment contract together.

    Another point to consider is that in today’s market, competition for skilled candidates is particularly high between organisations, as candidates have many more opportunities available than companies have applicants to fill their employment openings. Many times, providing regular communication on behalf of the firm to ensure the candidate of the organization’s interest is the difference between a successful new employee and a missed chance.

    Working with a company over time and getting to know the company’s “culture” as well as the personalities of the individual hiring managers involved gives us with a very good tool in effectively presenting the company’s chances to prospective candidates. Developing a positive working connection with the organisation and its employees over time is mutually advantageous, resulting in a “win-win” situation for all parties concerned.

    Image of two business partners discussing documents lying on the table with the keyboard and a monitor near by

    A collection of services that we provide.

    • Contingency search
    • Retained Search
    • Executive Search

    To do a successful search, the following elements must be provided:

    Complete position information

    Responsibilities by function

    Relationships of reporting

    Requirements for prior experience

    Structure of compensation and benefits

    Policy on relocation

    Description of corporate culture

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